James Woods and Instapundit both pointed out some interesting details about the migrant caravan that seems to be barreling toward our border …

Right? What, some guy was hanging out having coffee one day and he decided he wanted to walk 2000 miles and then his buddy around the corner joined him and so on and so forth. It was TOTALLY impromptu, yup.

5,000 people decided to walk 2,000 miles.

Not to mention who is filming them? Are they walking the entire way? So many unanswered questions.

Funny how that works out, eh? Journalists not really reporting on things that may well be very important to the story.

It’s all about the narrative, man.

Does it rhyme with Poor-Us? Asking for a friend.

Sounds legit.

You’d think this story would be ripe for actual reporting.

And yet crickets on this stuff.

That’s putting it nicely these days.

And where are all the women and children?

So many questions.


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