As Twitchy reported earlier, Elizabeth Warren’s reasoning for taking the DNA test and releasing the results was to be transparent and to rebuild trust in the government. Of course, if these things really mattered to ol’ Liz she wouldn’t have lied about her heritage in the first place, but we digress.



From NBC News:

Ultimately, she said, she took a DNA test because she believes one way to rebuild trust in government is by posting her full family history online “so anybody can take a look. … I believe one way that we try to rebuild confidence is through transparency.”

Diehl shot back that the issue “is not about Sen. Warren’s ancestry, it’s about integrity in my mind, and I don’t care whether you think you benefited or not from that claim, it’s the fact that you tried to benefit from that claim that I think bothers a lot of people and it’s something you haven’t been able to put to rest since the 2012 campaign,” when she first mentioned having Native American heritage that led President Donald Trump to start mocking her by calling her “Pocahontas.”

Have we mentioned everything is stupid?


Get it?

Hey, DNA doesn’t lie, right?


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