We’re starting to think that when Hillary Clinton called half of Americans ‘deplorables’ she was projecting because the behavior of Democrats since their queen lost in 2016 is literally deplorable.

Take Philippe Reines and his explanation for why it’s ok for people to attack Mitch McConnell in public for example:

C’mon, any Phillip who spells his name, Philippe? Psh.

Wow, classy.

Yeah, he’s gross, we know.

It really is.

So since Merrick Garland wasn’t acceptable to the Senate that means people should attack Mitch McConnell and other GOP senators in real life? And these yahoos wonder what happened to their blue wave.

If you start acting like the person you hate, you’ve lost.

Giant hypocrites the lot of ’em.

They already have been, Nancy Pelosi was attacked by a mob on Friday. Of course, the Right condemned the mob, unlike the Left who seems to enable and empower it.


Fair description.


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