If we had a nickel for every Leftist who is hurting their so-called blue wave by championing idiots acting like idiots we’d have so many nickels the Left would tax the snot out of us. Take for example Gloria Allred’s daughter, Lisa Bloom:

Committing unspeakable acts daily? Like cutting taxes for millions of Americans and appointing a more-than-qualified man to SCOTUS?

The monster. *eye roll*

This narrative of attacking GOP officials is definitely doing more harm than good, and if any of these yahoos would bother to look at the polls they’d realize that. You know what, don’t tell ’em.

Unless you’re Brit Hume:

Isn’t Lisa a civil rights attorney?


Us too.


Probably not.

HAAAA, we see what he did here.

Michael Avenatti would be proud.

Or jealous.



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