Because seeing a famous psycho terrorist praise Michigan football isn’t weird or anything …

Let’s be honest, that this guy tweets at all is sorta creepy anyway but knowing he follows college football just seems really wrong. Maybe it’s that whole killing lots and lots of innocent people thing?


David Burge saw the humor in the tweet and ran with it:

Ooh, that’s a tough one as the Wyoming Cowboys sort of float under the radar when it comes to famous boosters anyway, let alone psycho terrorists.

Josh Allen maybe?

He’s not really a psycho terrorist though.


Now that’s terrifying.

It could happen.

Wow, Michigan … who knew?


Ok, full disclosure, this editor actually laughed out loud at this.

The horror!

But he was so HAWT in that movie.

Senator Blutarsky. Yes.

But does she float?

Annnnd we’re officially dead.


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