Patrick Ruffini wrote a fairly lengthy thread about the core premises behind everything he writes … a thread that may well have officially broken both John Harwood and Matt Yglesias.

Well, at least Matty.

It started here:

His hot takes.

Sounds legit.

Actually, we agree. As far as policy and procedure Trump seems pretty normal, it’s the things he says and tweets that seem to get him in trouble. This simple statement though freaked John Harwood right the eff out.

Well gosh, John, if you say so.

PS: This is one of the reasons Trump won, people are so TIRED of snooty people like Harwood who think they’re our ‘betters’.

Ruffini continued:


And THIS one broke Matthew Yglesias.

Screech screech! Notice how Matty and others on the left were AOK with the Electoral College when their guy was winning.

Someone is, dare we say, triggered?

Please note we avoided calling him a snowflake. 

Wisconsin is a big state? Compared to what, Wyoming?


This sounds like the same argument these folks use when they’re trying to repeal the Second Amendment.


Again, we didn’t see ol’ Matt complaining about the Founders making mistakes when Obama was president.

Crazy, right?


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