Ezra Klein claims there is a lot of great journalism being done right now.

A lot of great journalism.

Oh, stop laughing.

Fine, laugh. We did.

Shew … alrighty then.

From Vox.com:

It’s because everything around us has changed — our business models, the way people read us, the way we compete with each other, the way we’re manipulated — and we’re not keeping up. Instead, we’re getting played by the outrage merchants and con artists and trolls and polarizers who understand this new world better. President Trump is the most successful media hacker out there, but he’s not the only one.

We’re being used to fracture American democracy, and I don’t think we know how to stop it.

It’s hard to understand a machine when you’re inside of it, as I am. You need people on the outside who can see the system more clearly

Ezra tried so hard. SO HARD.

The media is manipulated. They’re being used.

Poor dears. Someone get them some tissue …


Sensing a theme here, Ezra.

We actually thought the same thing.

It does sound like a punchline, right?

What is that old saying?

Fox smells his own hole.



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