Not a shocker, but this guy from the New York Times seems to think the giant ‘migrant invasion’ of thousands of people traveling to the U.S. apparently shouldn’t be covered much, let alone allowed to trend on Facebook via Conservative outlets.

Hey, Ben Shapiro made it twice! That lucky guy …

Why would Facebook push back against these stories? Oh, that’s right, Conservative media shouldn’t be allowed because EVIL.

That’s right.

Our bad.

He works for the New York Times, of course, he has a problem with the truth.

And NOW Facebook is an evil tool of the Right. LOL.


This gent could have stopped after the word ‘it.’ The liberal media only seems to cover the migrant caravan when they can accuse the Right of being racist for being concerned about it. They’re far too focused on the napkins in Air Force one or something today.

Hey, maybe people want to read about this? We know, the media seem to think they are our betters but perhaps they need to start paying attention.

Just thinking out loud.

It wasn’t just the Leftist media that couldn’t deal:

Yeah, Dan Rather is a dork, right?


See? Now they’ll attack Facebook.

Oooh, an edgy hashtag.


Please note this editor avoided making a ‘your mom’ joke here, and it was REALLY hard.

That this person tweeted this with a straight face …

You know what? WE can’t even.


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