If you can stand listening to Michael Avenatti (we know, it’s hard) you’ve GOT to listen to him talk about the judgment that he must pay $4.85 million to a lawyer who worked at his former firm. He claims they will appeal said judgment and it will be thrown out.


Then he rambles on about how it’s some grand plot to take him out because people are super scared of him.

We can’t even make this sort of hilarious up.


Yeah, the Right and the establishment Left are both out to get him.

Oh, and about that check Avenatti claims he’s going to get …


Darn those mean facts.

Admit it, you at least snickered watching that.

Ugh, don’t ask.

Spoiler: Avenatti has yet to really get a win, which would make his record 0 and like a BILLION.


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