Earlier this week Nancy Pelosi said that those who disagree with the Democratic agenda may end up as ‘collateral damage’. Follow that up with weeks and weeks of Democratic leaders basically calling for violence against the Right and you end up with a very angry faction of Americans.

That quickly can turn into a mob.

Watch (note, this video contains graphic language):

Ok, full disclosure, while a tiny part of this editor doesn’t have a whole lot of sympathy for Nancy since she has been supporting the aggressive and even violent rhetoric from Democrats, the bigger part of this editor (the grown-up part) knows this is wrong. At the end of the day we have to be better, we have to be the adults. Otherwise, we’re no better than the Left.

Maxine did indeed say this but do we really want to be like Maxine Waters?


This is like a textbook mob.

And a scary one at that.


Otherwise, they’re no better than Maxine Waters.

And yikes.

Now that Nancy has been through what a good deal of Republicans is going through MAYBE she’ll start condemning the Left when they do it?

Eh … maybe not.

But we can hope.


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