Whoa boy.

Sounds like Jimmy Kimmel writer, Bess Kalb loves Hillary Clinton.

Like really loves her.

Hey, somebody has to, right?

Hillary inspired her to exist? So many questions … and did she just call Hillary a witch?

Democrats are so weird.

And speaking of weird.

Good to see that Hillary is still wearing shower curtains. That takes courage.

And PLEASE STOP pretending the popular vote means anything; forget that we use the Electoral College to determine the presidential election but the majority of her popular vote win was in CALIFORNIA. So, what that tells us is she should run for governor in California.

The trolling on these tweets is EPIC.

Old carpet works.

She just had to make a small donation to the Clinton Foundation.


How did Bess expect people would react to these tweets? C’mon.


Annnnnnd curtain.

Shower curtain that is.


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