Someone should ask Cory Booker if this was a Spartacus moment or more of a T-Bone thing …

Out-Americaning us? That’s a thing now? Welp, promising to raise our taxes and trample on our inherent rights probably isn’t a great campaign message for our adorable friends on the Left, so maybe this is a new thing.

Or maybe Cory is just a neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie.

Laura Ingraham seems to concur:

Frightening. Fair.

But we find it WAY more hilarious that Cory ‘Spartacus’ Booker is among the best Democrats have. Think about it, otherwise, they have an old rich white woman who lied about her heritage to take advantage of a minority group, or a creepy porn lawyer.

Winning. Heh.

The more any of them talk the more they reveal how little substance they actually have.

2020 is gonna be a HOOT.

They can have him, eh.

Wouldn’t be surprised if Cory carries hot sauce in his purse.

Wait, what?

Welcome to 2018.


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