Remember when Democrats told us we had to believe all women during the Kavanaugh confirmation? Gosh, we hope you’d remember it since that train wreck was only a few weeks ago (hard to believe, right?!), but if that’s the new rule and we’re supposed to take women who accuse men of sexual assault at face value without any or limited evidence, then Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown should be resigning here soon.


In the late 80’s? Man, that decade was problematic.

Sorry Sherrod, believe women and stuff.

Suck it up, them’s the rules now.

False and libelous claim?



Character assassination … where have we heard this before? It’s right on the tip of our tongue.


The FBI is investigating ASAP, right?

Exactly. Sherrod must not care about women and Democrats have become a party that supports men who make unwanted sexual advances. That’s how this works, yes?


We’ve been trying to tell Democrats for YEARS that they will hate it when their own rules are used against them.

But hey, maybe Sherrod didn’t condemn Kavanaugh over Ford’s accusations …

So we should probably believe Sherrod’s accuser too, right?

That’s the rules now.

When does Sherodd resign?


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