That feel when you come across a tweet from a Twitter rando that features a foul DM from Jim Acosta and you can’t believe it’s real so you write it off at first. But then you start reading through the feed and HOLY COW it seems real.

It started here.

What a lovely singing voice Jim must have.

NOW, true story, screenshots like the one this tweep shared are very, very easy to manipulate so if this was the only thing on the thread we likely would have written it off. Oh, we’d have retweeted it and probably have pointed and laughed at Acosta, but write about it?

Eh. Probably not.

But then we saw this:

And did a double take.

Ok, actually a triple take.

Name? Check. Handle? Check. Verified? Check.


So if he acknowledged that he sent it and apologized that probably makes it real, yes?

Oh, and then there was this.


He hasn’t said much on it since he apologized.



Awww, well that explains it. A little.

Who knew the ‘Dear Diary’ bit was so triggering for Acosta?


Awww CNN must be so proud.


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