Senator Claire McCaskill has ALMOST had a worse week than Elizabeth Warren … almost. What with Project Veritas exposing her to be a fraud who deliberately tells people what they want to hear so they’ll vote for her (predominantly moderate Republicans) it’s been a tough few days for Claire.

And, of course, as they did with Elizabeth Warren, the media is circling the wagons and making Project Veritas the bad guy here, sort of like they attacked the Cherokee Nation.



Project Veritas, a conservative activist group run by James O’Keefe, released surreptitiously-recorded videos of McCaskill and her campaign this week as part of series of undercover videos meant to damage Democratic candidates ahead of next month’s mid-term election. McCaskill’s re-election fight with Hawley could decide control of the U.S. Senate.

An employee of Project Veritas approached McCaskill’s campaign in May and expressed an interest in volunteering and interning on the campaign, according to an affidavit from McCaskill’s Columbia field director Luke Tonant.

As an intern, the Project Veritas employee, who Tonant knew as “Adam Thomson,” had access to the campaign’s voter information database for a total of 20 hours between May and July, according to the affidavit.

‘Surreptitiously-recorded videos.’ heh

Something like that.

Per her bio, Natasha Bertrand is a staff writer for The Atlantic as well as an ‘MSNBC contributor’. We’re not sure we’d admit the second piece but hey, what do we know?

That seems to be a reoccurring theme going into the midterms.

Hey man, anything to discredit Project Veritas and help the Democrat who in this case is Claire McCaskill.

It’s the ‘media’s way’.


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RESIGN! FBI! ELEVENTY! Dem senator accused of ‘unwanted advance’ on unnamed woman (#BelieveWomen, yes?)

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