On Monday, when Elizabeth Warren released her DNA to prove she is Native American (which ultimately proved she’s NOT really Native American), we know our favorite parody, @sean_spicier, would have a thing or two to say about it.

His tweets about Michelle Obama and Stormy Daniels were just icing on the cake really.

He never disappoints, and neither do the yahoos who get him confused with the real Sean Spicer.

Happy Friday!

Because you know, Sean Spicer wouldn’t have an editor for his book …


Sean managed to tie Christine Blasey Ford in with his slam on Elizabeth Warren and to say they flipped out is putting it mildly.

How many times do we have to tell them to LOOK FOR THE BLUE CHECK?!

This guy really set himself up.

Witty, perhaps not. But it’s pretty damn funny.

Professor, ROFL.

Now that we have 280 characters on Twitter doesn’t it seem super lazy when people can’t be bothered to spell out the word ‘are’? Then again, these same people don’t take the time to check and make sure this is the real Spicer account so yeah …


The Stormy Daniels horse face bit was pretty damn funny too.

Interesting how this person is angry at Spicier for namecalling and then calls him a name.


She loves you!

Notice he did not make a joke about this person wearing a Halloween mask.

*sits in the corner*

They really think it’s him.

Even after ALL of this time.


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