It’s almost as if Politifact should really just drop the ‘fact’ from their name and call themselves something a bit more honest. Like PolitiDems or PolitiLefties … heck, even PolitiBS would be more honest than Politifact.

They’ve strayed further and further into propaganda for the Left, like accusing Ted Cruz of telling half-truths about the GOP tax cuts.

From Politifact:

Cruz said that with the Republican-backed tax cut, “we’re seeing the result, and to date, federal tax revenues have gone up.”

They have gone up by less than half of 1 percent in nominal dollars, one of the weakest increases since the end of World War II. They have actually fallen if you factor in inflation, growth in the economy, or prior projections for tax collections.

Cruz’s suggestion that the new tax law caused the nominal increase is dubious, since in the months when that new law was the primary mover of tax payments, collections actually fell by 3.8 percent.

If we rolled our eyes any further back in our heads they might get stuck there permanently. Ted Cruz brought the thunder down on them …

It’s all about optics, Senator.

Don’t worry, we know they’re full of it and to that point, we never get tired of watching the fact-checkers getting CHECKED.

Fake, fake, and faker.


Ha! We see what she did there.

That would at least be true.



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