We’re not sure how Sen. Dianne Feinstein expects anyone to take her seriously after the crap she pulled with Kavanaugh, but that doesn’t stop her from pretending she’s fighting for the little people who can’t pay off their college loans.

Seems she wants to paint Betsy DeVos as the villain for making people pay back loans they took out in good faith. Hey, if you can’t pay the loans back don’t take them out. This isn’t rocket science.

Dianne wrote a letter and had the usual suspects sign it and everything.

You know what’s deeply troubling, Dianne? What you tried to do to Brett Kavanaugh … but we digress.

That and it’s not troubling to want adults to pay back the money they borrowed. *shrug*


But making people pay back the money they owe is mean and stuff! Oppressive! Trump!


It’s greedy for DeVos to want people to pay off their own loans but not greedy for Dianne to want taxpayers to pay for other’s education.

In other words, adulting.

Democrats should try it.


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