Twitter seems to be doing everything it can to prove their bias against conservatives while at the same time accusing people on the Right of being conspiracy theorists for believing they’re biased against them.

Quite the schtick if you can get it.

The latest account ‘casualty’ is @kebejay.

Yup, they did.

It’s certainly starting to feel that way.

Farrakhan can call Jews ‘termites,’ and Twitter does nothing. But clearly, the evil @kebejay must be STOPPED!

Oh, yeah, we left that part out.

Wouldn’t this be considered targeting someone for their faith, Twitter? Asking for a friend.

Sounds like @kebejay wasn’t given any explanation for his suspension, just like GayPatriot:

This is such crap.

Apparently, Twitter will be shaming people for tweets that break TOS by ‘greying’ them out.


We’ve said it once and we’ll surely say it again, everything is STUPID.



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