You knew Lindsey Graham would have something to say about Elizabeth Warren’s uber-fail with her DNA yesterday. Have we mentioned how much we like this mouthy, snarky, new and improved Lindsey?

Good stuff.

According to the basic genetics of white Americans, most of us can beat Liz when it comes to having Native American DNA.

But this was pretty damn funny.

Could this be a thing?

C’mon man.

Take the #CherokeeChallenge!

Add in Orrin Hatch and Chuck Grassley and we agree.

Whoohoo! Let’s hear it for capitalism!

Very true.

But it’s clear from the way the Left reacted to Lindsey’s #CherokeeChallenge that even though Liz clearly lied and took advantage of a minority for her own personal gain they are not exactly holding her accountable.

Lindsey isn’t the one who LIED, chica.

Awww yes, attack of the hashtag people.

Or maybe Liz should apologize to them for using them. Just spitballin’ here.

Sheesh, they’re so cranky.

You know what, we can’t even.



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