For all their sanctimonious claims about how they ‘believe women,’ Democrats seem to have gone out of their way to ignore and even silence Karen Monahan, the ex-girlfriend of Keith Ellison who has accused him of abuse.

So much for that whole #MeToo movement, eh? Or perhaps they should just admit the only victims they really care about are the ones who can ultimately do damage to those they politically disagree with. Surely if they believed ALL women they’d be front and center trying to help a fellow Democrat.

Sharyl Attkisson’s interview with Monahan is infuriating … watch.

Monahan says Democrats have bullied her, smeared her, victim-shamed her … basically anything and everything but BELIEVE HER.

Yup. A Democrat abusing a significant other doesn’t fit the anti-Trump narrative so they don’t have time for it.

Especially after we watched Democrats falling all over themselves trying to find a way to make Ford’s story believable to hurt Kavanaugh, even though she couldn’t remember when or where the incident happened and none of her witnesses could corroborate her story.

Meanwhile, Monahan clearly remembers when and where these incidents took place and released a good deal of substantial evidence …

Where are the protests for Monahan?

Where are the posters? Where is Alyssa Milano pretending she cares about women?

Oh, that’s right, Ellison has the correct letter by his name so they’re inclined to disbelieve this woman.

Got it.


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