After the mess she made of the Kavanaugh confirmation, maybe Senator Dianne Feinstein should avoid talking about judges, nominations, and hearings in general.

Just sayin’.

For example, she doesn’t seem to have a leg to stand on with her latest beef about Grassley scheduling two hearings while the Senate is in recess.

Sad, sad DiFi.

Nice try but Grassley called BS on this complaint and reminded Dianne that she had already agreed not to object to the timing of these hearings. We love that it was Senator Orrin Hatch’s office who shared both Dianne’s and Grassley’s letters side-by-side.

Our favorite part of Dianne and Leahy’s letter (Leahy, LOL) is their claim that they take their constitutional duty to vet judicial nominees seriously … LOL.

Sure they do.


Between Kavanaugh and now Elizabeth Warren, Democrats couldn’t have done more to HELP the GOP right before midterms if they tried.

Hey guys, thanks.


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