WHAT was she thinking?!

Elizabeth Warren couldn’t have failed MORE with her dramatic release of DNA earlier today. Especially when you look at the science behind genetics and ancestry and the fact that most white Americans have a certain percentage of Native American in their DNA.




So basically, any white American reading this article likely has more Native American DNA than Elizabeth Warren.


This has been EPIC, and not in a good way for ‘Chief Self-Own’.

Womp womp.

Or would that be ‘wompum-wompum’?


FINE, this editor will go sit in the corner (but that was funny, right?).


Wait, yes!

If Trump points this out it will be literally the coolest and funniest thing ever.

Seems just as likely, why not?


Conservatives POUNCE! NYT gets LIT UP for writing literally the DUMBEST op-ed about the Senate EVER

Such a PROFOUND bias! 60 Minutes and Leslie Stahl should be ASHAMED of these stats from Trump’s interview

MATH doesn’t add up! It gets WORSE for Elizabeth Warren and her DNA release (hint, she’s STILL Fauxcahontas)