We’re not entirely sure WHAT Elizabeth Warren thought she would accomplish by releasing DNA results that proved she MIGHT be Native American via some descendent back six to 10 generations … but hey, we stopped trying to understand Democrats years ago.

Problem is, instead of putting doubts to rest, she created a whole mess of new doubts which could absolutely be problematic if she wants to run in 2020.

Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving ‘squaw.’

Gosh, when you look at it like this it doesn’t look so great for Warren, eh? She can’t point to any one ancestor or to a particular tribe, and true, she didn’t claim to be a Native American until her late 30s.


Nope. But what she’ll try and do is blow off any opposition (whether in the primary or in the actual election) by saying she proved her DNA, and the useful idiots in her base will shake their fists and say, ‘YEAH SHE DID!’

Don’t make that face, we don’t vote for Democrats.

So the chances of Fauxcahontas being Native American are even slimmer than we originally thought.


Nice try, Chief Shaky Fist … er … Elizabeth Warren.

2020 is gonna be LIT!

Or is that Heap Big LIT?



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