Seems the Left isn’t exactly welcoming Max Boot with open arms.

Cripes, what did he think would happen? He magically decides to grace the Left with his presence (while conveniently trying to sell them a book) and he’s upset because they have doubts about his sincerity? Did he expect a parade?


From The Intercept:

It’s easy to understand why a penitent like Boot appeals to liberals and other members of the Trump resistance. He ratifies their sense of having been correct from the start, and his confession is enunciated in perfect sound bites, with just the right dose of abasement. Boot is an irresistible spectacle — the sinner with tears running down his cheeks dropping to his knees at the altar of all that is good, proclaiming that he has seen the light and wants to join the army of righteousness. But here’s the thing: Boot is only half-apologizing. And because he’s been wrong so many times and with so many ill consequences, he should be provided with nothing more than a polite handshake as he’s led out of the sanctuary of politics, forever.

Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving flip-flopper.

Max seems upset.

Oh no! Poor Max!


Sorry, our ‘give a damn’ is broken.

Nice try though, Max.

There is no appeasing the monster. He’s learning this the hard way.

And speaking of tolerant new friends:


Maybe he just hoped they would bite him last.


Truth hurts.


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