It’s Monday, so that means we on the Right and in Conservative media spent another weekend correcting the media’s reporting on Trump. It happens so much anymore we almost don’t cover it because to be honest, if they actually reported on Trump correctly THAT would be the story.

Otherwise, their ‘misunderstanding’ Trump is the status quo.

After the media botched Trump’s speech about Lee and Grant so badly even NBC apologized, Mollie Hemingway LIT THEM UP:

Quit your job because either way, you are really bad at this.


She DRAAAAGED them, and we love it.

Can we get an amen?!


Don’t forget the Lee reporting where the media basically painted Trump as the new Grand Wizard.

Ain’t THAT the truth.

Heck, even we simple, sweet, and tolerant editors at Twitchy confuse people like Tom Arnold and Ron Perlman … heh.

It is getting SO OLD.

Honestly, at this point, they just need to admit it’s about their narrative and agenda, not reporting the facts or stories. They’d get a lot further.


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