As the Left applauds Leslie Stahl for talking tough on Trump, it’s hard to ignore the obvious and profound bias within the interview and 60 Minutes itself. Especially when you see STATS like this:

So Trump talked half as long as Obama and was interrupted 60 more times than the Democrat?

If you do the math that means Leslie interrupted Trump over two times per minute.

Ugh, we were told there would be no math …

Full transparency, this editor couldn’t stand to watch it.

There’s that, but additionally, the media would act like Trump had something to hide if he refused these sorts of interviews. It is ultimately a lose-lose so why not at least expose how grossly biased the media is with every chance he gets?

It really was.

Imagine if someone had interviewed Obama in that manner? They’d be marching in the streets this morning and burning down buildings.

When someone shows you who they are, believe them.


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