Sad, sad New York Times. No matter how much they want to work identity politics into each and every little thing, it just doesn’t make sense when you’re talking about the Senate. Perhaps someone should send them a copy of Civics for Dummies.

From the New York Times:

The biggest racial preferences in this country have nothing to do with college admissions or job offers. They have to do with political power. And they benefit white Americans, at the expense of black, Asian and Hispanic Americans.

Holy Hell.

It gets worse.

The anti-democratic tendencies of the Senate are well known: Each citizen of a small state is considered more important than each citizen of a large state. It’s a deliberate feature of the Constitution, created to persuade smaller states to join the union. Over time, though, the racial edge to the Senate’s structure has become much sharper — for two big reasons.

The Senate was never meant to represent the people, it was to represent the states and that’s why every state regardless of size has TWO SENATORS. And maybe our friends at the NYT missed it, but states don’t have a race.

This level of stupid should absolutely be painful.

It could be, but it would take some work.

Our systems are fine until Democrats lose, then instead of changing anything about themselves, they go after the systems. Which makes perfect sense if you think about it, their party is based on the fundamental idea of blaming others for your problems.

But identity politics!

Would TOTALLY get behind this!

Wait, Twitchy is sort of like School House Rock, just with less singing.


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