Remember when Chris Cillizza tried to convince us all the media doesn’t have a political bias? That is ALMOST as hilarious as what Elizabeth Warren pulled today by releasing her DNA to prove she’s Native American.

A whopping 1/1024th Native American which is less than the average amount of Native American DNA most white Americans have in general.

Chris wants Democrats to know that Elizabeth making a fool of herself this way proves she means BUSINESS.

From CNN (sorry!):

Whether Warren wants to admit it or not — and my strong guess is “not” — Trump’s attacks were clearly doing some damage. You don’t respond — with a 5+-minute video, a DNA test and loads of documentation — if you think that this whole Native American thing is just so much GOP conspiracy theorizing. Warren knows she has a weakness — whether perceived or real is harder to tell — on her origin story. And she and her team know that presidential campaign often hinges on just those origin stories. The American public tends to buy into the person as opposed to the specific policy when considering their vote for president; if Warren has a major problem in that origin story, it could well hamstring attempts to get people to connect with her.

And so, we get this video. And the DNA test. And all the documents. To show, yes, that Warren’s claim that she had some Native American blood is almost certainly true, but also to show that she has a full campaign team who understands how modern campaigns work and is at the ready to deal — and deal effectively — with any sorts of problems that arise during the course of the campaign.


So does that mean this editor is part banana? That would explain a lot.

She is a Democrat, so it could be.

There it is.


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