Maybe Michael Avenatti missed it (and let’s be honest, our favorite creepy p0rn lawyer misses a lot), but S.E. Cupp is far, far, far from a supporter or fan of President Trump. We know he likely doesn’t read Twitchy but even we have come down on Cupp for being less than supportive of the Right as of late.

Talk about stupid is as stupid does.

Why TF would he pick a fight with S.E. Cupp?! We could see him going after Hannity, Davis, Hume, Hemingway … any number of outspoken Trump supporters in conservative media, but he chose Cupp.

What a maroon.

Way to go, Avenatti.

He’s even starting to piss people off on the Left.

Self-promotion is all Michael knows or cares about.

Could have stopped after the word, ‘stain’.

Trump really should send him a thank you card.


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