Friday night, Trump described Robert E. Lee as an incredible general in a build up to point out how amazing of a general Grant had to be to have beaten him. And of course, the media focused ONLY on his praise of Lee running with their, ‘SEE, WE TOLD YOU HE’S A RACIST,’ narrative. Once the media ran the headline the rest of the frothy, Leftist horde jumped on board and by Saturday morning they had all but named Trump as the new Grand Wizard of the Klan.

It was one of their dumbest stunts yet, and that includes the way they covered Kavanaugh.

Even after being called out and ridiculed for the story, The Hill doubled down:

Hrm. Really?

We’re sure Trump is super worried that Lee’s alleged, distant relative disavowed him. Stop the presses. *eye roll*

We read the story so you don’t have to (you’re WELCOME), and it appears the descendant is reportedly the great-great-great-great nephew of Lee. They said reportedly because this guy could just be someone who shares a name and claims he’s related to Lee …

He’s so ashamed of Lee he couldn’t wait to tell us all he’s a distant relative of his. We’re not sure what’s sillier here, this guy’s tweet or that The Hill covered him like he’s actually news.

Maybe a little bit of both.

And if you watch his video (or read any of the comments on the thread) it’s clear he didn’t actually watch the speech and bought into the whole ‘Trump was trying to appeal to the KKK’ narrative the media spewed.

It’s also clear that he couldn’t wait to use his great-great-great-great uncle for fav’s and retweets.

Interesting, and sad, point.


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