Knowing the Sean Spicer parody account (@sean_spicier) as we do, we knew whatever he tweeted about Kavanaugh’s confirmation would cause the Left to explode in clouds of angst, vape, and glitter glue.

In his own way, he tweeted a play-by-play of the confirmation, from the crazed Liberals attacking Flake in an elevator to the ‘kegger’ some were calling for after he had finally been confirmed … and as usual he managed to piss everyone on the Left off WHILE making the rest of us laugh.

It never gets old.

Enjoy and happy Friday!

Man, these people are obsessed with size.

Crowd size that is.


Interestingly enough, if Spicer (or Spicier in this case) really was irrelevant Angela here wouldn’t be tweeting him on Twitter.

Funny how that works.

Oooh, he’s so tough.

Awwww, poor Molly.

Falling for a parody.

Not to mention she doesn’t speak for women voters anyway …

Well that was rude.


That’s what we noticed most of all, not that they were angry that Kavanaugh had been accused of sexual assault, but that he was a frat boy. The Left really showed themselves to be nothing more than a jealous group of harpies choking on sour grapes.

Onto the midterms …

We want a therapy ferret!

And the UN:

It’s actually all in the ears, just sayin’.

Ha! We’ll have to check back to see how his Kanye tweet turns out.


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