Remember when the Leftist mob went after Scarlett Johansson for being cast in the role of a transgendered person? She was so beaten up by our tolerant friends on the Left that she withdrew completely from the project, allowing them to bully not only herself but the people actually making the movie as well.

Never, EVER, give into the rage mob.

Seems they have a new target in Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson:

From DailyMail:

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is getting flack for casting himself as an African-American folklore legend in an upcoming Netflix film he is also producing.

Johnson announced on Tuesday that he would be playing the titular hero in the Netflix film ‘John Henry and the Statesman.’

‘When the man comes around. Honored to play a childhood hero of mine, JOHN HENRY & his disruptive band of fellow folklore legends from around the world,’ the 46-year-old actor said on Twitter, along with a brief teaser trailer. ‘@Netflix are the perfect partners and platform to build.’

The Rock, 2024. Just sayin’.

He is so damn cool.

There really isn’t when you’re dealing with the Left and their identity politics.

Back off haters is right!

Know your role and shut your mouth!

Yes, yes we could do this all day.


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