Just when you think the media can’t sink any lower after the debacle they made of covering Kavanaugh, you see them deliberately pushing a misleading story about Trump talking about Robert E. Lee in some strange attempt to make him look like a Klansman.

We know. Everything is stupid.

Judge Jeanine didn’t hold back in her commentary on the media being losers:

From Mediaite:

Then, she said this: “So to all those Trump-hating demon rats and the mainstream media, keep up the antics. You’re all losers. Sore losers. Stupid losers, too dumb to even know that you are losing.”

To emphasize her point,  Pirro then showed a rally clip of Trump saying, “The only reason to vote Democrat is if you’re tired of winning.”

Uh-oh, she said something mean about the media … cue Brian Stelter clutching his pearls:

Brian seems … upset. Shocker.

All Alex Jones? OUCH.


Even the Left is irritated with the media.

He REALLY does! True story, Brian watches Fox News way more than this editor does … does that mean he’s had too much Fox News?


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