In case you missed it, some people on the Left are awful.

Per their bio on Twitter, The Indivisible Network is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization that ‘resists’ Trump or something. We’ve read so many horrible tweets about Kavanaugh and his family that at this point most of them just go in one eye and out the other, but this one was especially awful.

Sickening even.

This. Is. Foul.


And call us crazy, but she just watched her husband attacked, smeared, and targeted for weeks and weeks so she MIGHT be a little nervous being in the public after the threats she and her children received but hey … what do we know?

‘Rage harpies’ is too kind a phrase for these people.

The comments on this thread …


What she said.

Holy Hell.



OR it’s reassurance because she’s nervous?

There was some sanity on the thread:


And they wonder why we don’t BELIEVE them when they spout crap like this?


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