Just as we finally were getting through to the Left that Kavanaugh DID NOT COMMIT PERJURY during the original hearing, the Left has grabbed onto another accusation that he somehow perjured himself over Ramirez.

These people.

One of our favorites, @AG_Conservative has had enough …

Why would they ever bother to check? They’re not concerned with facts, or reality, or even about ‘clicks and taps’. No no. The media has truly been weaponized by progressives and Democrats and at the end of the day all that really matters to any of them is destroying those who disagree with them.

Look at the nonsense they’re pushing about Kavanaugh throwing ice and swearing. If that’s horrible enough to keep someone off SCOTUS 99.99999999% of us will never serve.

There’s a reason this ‘friend’ hasn’t heard back from the FBI.

Holy HELL.

FYI, this story is ‘featured’ on Twitter search at the top of search; we have yet to see Rachel Mitchell trend. Funny how that works out.


How dare he try and defend himself from being smeared! Monster!

This is sadly nothing new. It took us weeks to help them understand Kavanaugh didn’t lie under oath the first time … in fact, there are still come yahoos running around claiming he did.

Twitchy tries calling them out. Just sayin’.

So another smear.

And it’s trending.


Hey man, if it makes Kavanaugh look bad they’re running with it.

Let’s hear it for the media!


Beyond PARODY! Senate Dems try telling the FBI who to interview in Kavanaugh investigation and YEAH … NO

HUGE if true! Multiple sources claiming 3 new additional FBI investigations about to open (careful what you wish for, Dems)

EPIC thread highlighting number of times Ford changed her story and other HUGE ‘tells’ should terrify Senate Dems