Democrats provided a list of 24 people and entities/organizations they feel the FBI should interview during their investigation into Kavanaugh. It’s funny how the Democrats seem to think they can tell the FBI how to do its job but beyond even that, look at the list.

Now, from what we understand at the very least, Julie Swetnick’s claim was not deemed credible … so why oh why is she on this list?

Gosh, Deborah Ramirez is listed as well.

Sneaky rats.

The nerve.

We’re starting to think they really thought the FBI was (is?) at their disposal and sorry, not sorry, that’s now how it works.

Changing rules, moving goalposts … it’s actually pretty damn pathetic.

Remember, most everything Democrats accuse Republicans of doing, they are themselves doing. Projection, they’ve mastered it.

‘We know it was you, Wegmans! Safeway told us all about it!’

What a silly time to be alive.


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