For weeks Democrats have been thumping their chests and demanding the FBI investigate Kavanaugh, and every time the GOP (or any sane person regardless of political affiliation) pushed back and asked them just WTF they thought the FBI would investigate they shrieked and accused Republicans of hiding something.

So per their wishes, and Jeff Flake’s (same difference), the FBI started their investigation.

Interestingly enough, this crossed our timeline:

So hey, maybe Flake did us a favor …

Now, we can neither confirm nor deny these investigations but you’d think if they are indeed digging into this whole mess they’d want to know a few things about what transpired with Ford and her original letter.

Not to mention Ford herself.

Careful what you wish for …

Alrighty then.

Right?! We totally did that whole emoji thing in our heads too.

If true. Karma.

And justice … maybe?


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