Before sex-crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell even released her memo detailing why no reasonable prosecutor would bring Ford’s case forward, Margot Cleveland had written a fairly lengthy and EPIC thread about the number of times Ford changed her story and ‘tells’ she saw during her testimony.

The key about telling the truth is that no matter how many times you tell it, it doesn’t change. No matter how important it is to tell your truth, it doesn’t change. No matter who is on your team of attorneys or which Democratic senator is eyeballing you for narrative, the truth doesn’t change.

And considering how much Ford’s truth changed … makes us wonder.

Read this entire thread.

I can draw a floor plan.


Why would she offer that?

Ford changes her story.

Side note, does her handwriting look like she was running when she wrote this or what?

Ford tried to play dumb, a lot.

What a tangled web we weave …

Changed the story, again.

Another change.

Sheesh, our heads are spinning.

Another. Change.

None of this really makes sense.

Bingo. So who drove her home?


We wish this would all end, heh.


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