Seems Michael Avenatti’s client, Julie Swetnick, has a restraining order that was filed against her by an ex-boyfriend.

This ex-boyfriend has come forward with some crazy-scary accusations around Swetnick, claiming she threatened his family, his wife, and threatened to do harm to his baby. He also said that he knows a lot about her and she’s not credible.

At all.

Truth be told, the moment she hired the creepy p*rn lawyer she lost most of her credibility but HOLY CRAP.

Oh and hey, did we mention this ex-boyfriend is a registered Democrat, not that it should matter but the way people are playing politics right now … yeah, it matters. For example, the way POLITICO framed the whole story:

It’s only going to raise questions of Republican defenders?

Umm … it should raise questions of everyone involved.

Dude, it’s seriously starting to feel like we’re taking crazy pills.



Yeah, bro.





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