Well heck, this news breaking on the eve of Dr. Ford’s testimony sure seems inconvenient, eh?

Not just one man who believes it was him and not Kavanaugh who had the ‘encounter’ with Ford, but TWO men.


Considering she can’t remember exactly when or where the alleged assault took place this is more than just problematic.

Admit it.

You weren’t surprised to read any of this.

But like we said, not just one man, but TWO.

We should have known this was all going on behind the scenes but damn.

This hearing is going to be LIT.

Especially since Democrats had no idea what has been going on.

Oh, so NOW we’re supposed to care that Democrats weren’t given all relevant evidence.

Seems they forgot Dianne Feinstein sat on these allegations for TWO DAMN MONTHS … so they’ll have to forgive us if we don’t feel all that sorry for them not seeing this ‘evidence.’

There’s that too. Democrats refused to take part so … womp womp.

Everything is CRAZY.

But you knew that.

Eat your Wheaties and grab some popcorn because today is gonna be NUTS.