The moment Julie Swetnick hired Michael Avenatti to be her attorney she lost a good deal of credibility. Michael seems to have a habit of making his client’s cases about himself, using them as a means for attention and possibly for campaign fodder if he chooses to run in 2020.

Think about it. Would CNN have ever even talked to this guy if they didn’t think he could somehow hurt Trump?

And hey, don’t take our word for it, look at his own tweet.

He’s using Julie to challenge Trump to a debate.

And why TF would Trump ever debate a creepy p**n lawyer like Michael in the first place?

Ben Shapiro called it. Perfectly:


Democrats are using the #MeToo movement to play politics and campaign for the midterms, which could ultimately make it more difficult for actual survivors to come forward and be believed. But the ends justify the means something, something …

C’mon man, DO IT.

We didn’t say it.

Seems Michael isn’t making a whole lot of friends these days.

Except for 4Chan trolls … KIDDING.

Really close.

He’d be a great clown.




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