Jimmy Kimmel is flat-out disgusting.


His tasteless joke at Kavanaugh’s expense isn’t even funny and yet his zombie crowd laughed and clapped. Tell us again how it’s the Right who is bullying people …

HA HA HA HA. Violently mutilating someone’s body is hilarious, especially if it’s castration.

Jimmy is a dad, doesn’t he realize Kavanaugh has daughters who very well could see this garbage?


The guy who started on The Man Show wants to castrate another man.

Can’t even make this up.

If we made a joke about castrating Ellison the Left would be calling us a hate site and trying to get us shut down.

Mean is the key here.

He’s not funny anymore, it’s not about making people laugh or entertaining them. It’s about making digs at people he disagrees with politically. No wonder his ratings are what they are.

They certainly seem to these days.

They don’t even realize how much they’re campaigning for the Right every time they say something stupid like this.

Nobody tell them.


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