Michael Avenatti’s promise of another Kavanaugh accuser is starting to remind us of Wimpy from the Popeye cartoon. He will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today …

Our favorite ‘creepy porn lawyer’ has spent days telling us how much trouble everyone will be in when his client finally comes forward because this is SO BIG. Like HUGE. Basta and stuff. And yet here we are, still waiting for her to come forward. What was his last promise, 48 hours? 36 hours?

We’d go check but since he locked his Twitter account we can’t …

Looks like it.


We certainly hope SOMEONE did because man, that guy is annoying.


Odd indeed.

It’s almost like Michael has a girlfriend in Canada …


Even The Democratic Coalition has been pushing his story …

Risking her very LIFE!

They’re claiming bots are harassing him and that’s why he locked down.

Hey, it’s possible.

Poor Michael, he’s such a victim. After all, hard work smearing an innocent man for a political agenda.


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