As Twitchy readers know, Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi were ‘attacked’ by protesters in a restaurant in D.C. last night. After the said attack, this thread from Smash Racism DC was posted on Twitter. We cannot verify that these are the morons who harassed Cruz and his wife (this could be some yahoo in his basement eating Fruit By The Foot and complaining about the latest season of Supernatural) but we found the content of the thread is disconcerting.

These people.

Before you even ask, yes, this group’s thread is still up and no as far as we can tell they have not been locked or penalized for writing any of this.

Meanwhile, James Woods remains locked over a ridiculous tweet making fun of Democrats.


Forget the absolute paranoia here, but they’re so misinformed and ignorant.

And that has always been the goal of Democrats, keep their base stupid and angry.

It’s working.


That’s adorable.

They are not safe.

Here’s where it gets creepy.

You are not safe. We will find you.

Oh, and then they posted Gavin McInnes’ phone number but we left that out – we will not help these thugs doxx someone.

So either they are truly dangerous and should be reported to authorities OR they’re attention-seeking hosebags playing tough from behind their keyboards.

That’s where our head went too.

Scary stuff.

Antifa aka Anti-fascists has indeed become the fascists. Crazy ain’t it?


What he said.

Truth be told, most people on this thread made fun of the tough guys tweeting threats, but from what we’ve seen covering these yahoos since 2016, they are as desperate as the elected Democrats to control their fellow man and may be willing to do anything.



‘Unhinged’! Lefty protesters harass Sen. Ted Cruz & wife until they leave DC restaurant