‘ENOUGH lib lecturing about bullying.’ Kimberley Strassel RIPS Dems for ‘hate storm’ leveled at Ashley Kavanaugh

Posted at 10:00 am on September 25, 2018 by Sam Janney

All we’ve heard from Democrats since Feinstein threw the Senate Dems’ ‘Hail Mary’ by dropping Ford’s letter of allegations against Kavanaugh that she’d sat on for two months is that the GOP is bullying her and all survivors of sexual assault.


Seriously, if you can stand to read the timelines of Mazie Hirono, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, etc. you’ll see many, many tweets about how they believe women … just not women who accuse Democrats.

They leave that tidbit out.

While trashing Kavanaugh, which has led to his family being harassed and threatened.

Especially his wife, Ashley Kavanaugh.

They believe women, as long as they think and vote like them. Yup.


But it’s the GOP who are bullies.


Ok, so we laughed at this tweet but he brings up an excellent point. The nonsense the Left has pulled with Kavanaugh and his family is starting to unite the right, they are firing up the Republican base.


If and when there’s a red wave in November remember to say thanks to Democrats for their support.


War on ‘conservative’ women.


Truth. They are about power, authority, and control.




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