It would seem Senator Orrin Hatch is as FED UP with the Democrats as we are with the ridiculous circus they’ve made of Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Honestly, the harder they work to try and keep him off the SCOTUS bench the more determined we are to support him …

And to believe he is truly the justice we need.

This video of Hatch will be a classic:

Did he really say, ‘… pull that kind of crap?!’

OMG this is so rad.

Hatch is so rad.

His delivery is just so straight and matter of fact. Ha!

Time to start calling out the BS, are you paying attention, Chuck Grassley?

Nope, they’re not at all.

But we’re pretty sure he’s being facetious, like when a legislator calls another legislator, ‘the good senator from such and such.’ It’s passive aggressive brilliance.

In a word, yes.


And considering it’s starting to sound like Ford may be trying to push testifying out again … just vote.

It’s time.

They’ve put Kavanaugh and his family through enough, confirm him.


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