Sounds like Senator Orrin Hatch has had it up to HERE with Senate Dems playing games with the SCOTUS confirmation process. He even seems sick and tired of the media supporting their games and vice versa.

Who knew Orrin would ever be our spirit animal?

This was an epic thread and takedown …


Playing hide the ball, after they spent six weeks sitting on Ford’s letter.


Yup. Democrats are looking for others to accuse Kavanaugh because their original ‘heroine’s’ story is starting to fall apart. So they need other women to claim he did something to them … like Deborah Ramirez who can’t seem to remember if it was him or not, and none of her friends can corroborate her story either.

The Dems sure can pick ’em.

That’s what we said.

We’ve known all along this was all just a stall tactic to push this out beyond the midterms.

It’s time to vote.




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