Democrats always seem to shoot themselves in the foot.

For example, Biden’s Rule is why Merrick Garland didn’t stand a chance, and Harry Reid nuked the filibuster which will ultimately confirm Kavanaugh. This is also why we are likely dealing with this nonsense from Senate Dems who are determined to stop Kavanaugh at any cost, even if that means his daughters are receiving death threats.

Ends justify the means and such.

Laura Ingraham reminded the Democrats how this always backfires on them:

That SHOULD be fun.

Oh, we know what you’re thinking … if they keep playing these political games nothing really ever gets accomplished and ultimately the country and our people suffer BUT you also have to admit the idea of them facing their ‘karma’ is a teensy bit satisfying.

A fair point, although to be honest, we didn’t expect someone like Donald Trump to be president so who knows.

Sadly that’s true.

They’d really struggle with Amy, wouldn’t they?

Maybe when RBG ‘retires.’

Freakin’ buzzkills.

But they’re right. The GOP needs to SACK UP, pronto!


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