CNN. Always doing their part to support whatever new narrative the Left is pushing …

Kavanaugh wrote a very strong and determined letter to Grassley, which is really what his supporters needed to see. That he’s not giving up, that he’s not turning tail, that he’s going to fight to clear his name.

And CNN framed it like this:

Lashes out.

Like some angry, crazy woman … wait, is that sexist? *eye roll*

From CNN:

Brett Kavanaugh launched a bold effort to save his nomination to the US Supreme Court on Monday, lashing out at “smears” and a “grotesque and obvious character assassination” following the emergence of a new allegation of inappropriate sexual behavior.

Kavanaugh made clear that he was having no thoughts of folding his nomination, despite allegations dating to the 1980s, and warned that if his candidacy failed, it would deter people of all political persuasions from entering public service.

‘Launched a bold effort.’ Really?

Defending himself against a smear campaign is bold?

Add that to the ‘lashes out’ nonsense and we have a real winner here.

Oh CNN, never change.


Fake news is gonna fake news.

A little.

But that doesn’t frame Kavanaugh as an angry, explosive, dangerous guy which is what CNN was likely trying to do here.

‘Nuff said.


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